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How do I recognize, and avoid, key risks associated with my company’s 401(k) plan?

If you are involved in the administration of a retirement plan at your company, you might be held personally liable for fiduciary breaches within the plan. To avoid fines, penalties and judgments, fiduciaries to these popular employee benefits must be vigilant about following complex laws and regulations.

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What is higher education’s first lesson?

Education is more important than ever; a young person’s future success will likely depend largely on obtaining at least an undergraduate degree.

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How do I ensure my financial team implements a 'victorious' wealth game plan?

Most wealthy individuals and families need multiple professionals with distinct areas of expertise. Assembling the right team of experts will help ensure a successful overall financial strategy.

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What do you do with sudden wealth?

The complications of sudden wealth can threaten a windfall’s security. The way you achieve wealth also can significantly affect how you approach your financial goals and manage your investment strategy.

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When is it time to engage your parents in a financial discussion?

Regardless of each side's sincere reasons for delaying the discussion, it is important for adult children to talk with their parents before estate plans are set in motion, due either to death or incapacity.

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Are target date funds the answer for 401(k) success?

Target date funds (TDFs) can simplify and improve a 401(k) plan, but TDFs do have some disadvantages. Learn how to maximize a 401(k) plan's success using TDFs in conjuction with a fiduciary advisor.

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