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Approaching Retirement: 7 Things to Consider

The sooner you lay a foundation for your retirement strategy, the better prepared you’ll be for your transition into this phase of life. To get started, these 7 considerations can help you today to map out your financial plan based upon your goals and provide you confidence in the answers.

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Key Considerations for Maximizing Wealth During Inflation

Long-term inflation like we’ve experienced for the past year requires investment strategies to be closely evaluated for both protection and opportunity. As asset values and the price of goods and services increase, and markets fluctuate, high net worth families should consider adjustments that can protect total wealth and take advantage of unique opportunities.

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Passing on Wealth: Considering Multi Generations in Your Strategy

Thinking about how to pass along wealth to future generations can feel overwhelming. Once you answer the question of how much you can give, you have to tackle the question of how you are going to pass the wealth along. These are the primary options to consider.

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The Importance of Updating Estate Plans

For many people, estate plans are a difficult task to get around to. And once they’re done, it’s easy to let them sit without updating for many years. But these plans are extremely important when it comes time to identifying those people who will inherit your assets and make important financial and medical decisions on your behalf. And tending to them on a routine basis is very important. Here’s why.

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Tips for Managing a Concentrated Stock Position

There are many reasons a person may find themselves in possession of a large holding of a single stock. Whatever the reason, having a single stock that represents a significant amount of your net worth can create risk in your financial plan. However, there are options available to manage that risk and improve your diversification.

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Estate Planning Isn’t Just About the Future

People often think about estate planning as a financial tool triggered by a person’s passing. However, some of its benefits bear fruit while you are still living. From care-planning documents to organizational tools and even tax exemption assistance, there are many reasons to start estate planning today.

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