Are target date funds the answer for 401(k) success?

Target date funds (TDFs) can simplify and improve a 401(k) plan, but TDFs do have some disadvantages. Learn how to maximize a 401(k) plan's success using TDFs in conjuction with a fiduciary advisor.

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When should you engage a wealth advisor?

Many individuals believe wealth advisors are necessary only if they reach a certain age or asset level. Here are some considerations beyond birthdays or dollars that may signal the need to engage a wealth manager.

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Is life insurance an asset, like stocks or bonds, that I can't afford to ignore?

Life insurance is an asset just like stocks, bonds and real estate. As such, it must be monitored regularly to ensure it is appropriately positioned in your financial plan.

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How do I ensure the success of the trusts I established?

Establishing a trust is only the first step in successfully transferring wealth to heirs. The second phase requires a series of maneuvers through complex emotional and financial issues.

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How can you improve your employees’ chances for a financially secure retirement?

A comfortable retirement is the goal of every worker. But if employees—and their current employers—do not take steps now, we could be facing a national crisis. The looming problem? The average retiree is unlikely to be able to sustain his or her desired lifestyle throughout retirement.

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What are the hidden expenses of ETFs costing you?

Exchange-traded funds, generally referred to as ETFs, have exploded in popularity. ETFs’ many positive features explain why investors are increasingly drawn to these products. However, before you call your money manager, you need to be aware that exchange-traded products also have some hidden costs.

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