The team at Slaughter Associates has expertise in working with those who are new to the responsibilities that come with wealth and those with established wealth through a professional career or business ownership. We recognize wealth management strategies amongst the two groups can be similar, but there are also unique circumstances within each case that must be addressed by an advisory team with a particular expert knowledge set.

Many of our clients are looking for robust and diversified growth strategies to facilitate meeting future financial goals, while others are preserving wealth and looking for an advisor to employ risk management techniques to ensure their assets can meet all objectives.

We specialize in serving individuals and families who are interested in developing strategies designed to achieve clearly defined financial goals. We excel in working with clients who desire a deep level of knowledge regarding their financial strategies and an understanding of what influences its success.

Within families, we recognize that each member often has unique needs. We guide parents through the process of establishing their long-term financial objectives, such as effective saving and retirement strategies. We also work with the next generation to ensure the wealth built is cared for in the same spirit of stewardship. We are there for our clients’ heirs as they begin their careers, assisting with financial lifestyle decisions like home purchases, retirement savings opportunities, and credit management.

Through our subsidiary, RPS Retirement Plan Advisors, we assist the business community in delivering the highest quality 401(k) retirement plan options to their employees.

Wealth Source

Wealthy individuals are not all the same. Each person’s or family’s needs can be as unique as the individuals themselves. However, the source of the wealth often plays an integral role in determining the types of services needed to best serve the client and protect the assets.

Though our client base has accumulated wealth through varying means, our expertise and focus is with business owners, business professionals, and sudden wealthy. We have built our solutions and offerings around serving these clients and their unique and complex financial requirements.