Asset management is more complex than it has ever been before. With the twists and turns of the market as well as a multitude of options for asset allocations, Slaughter Associates cuts through all the complexities for you so that you have a clear understanding of how each investment purposefully contributes to your specific goals. By providing such a comprehensive strategy, we manage risks while providing maximum growth potential.

Our primary investment sources are diverse with individual stocks and bonds, alternative strategies, active and passive no-load funds, and limited partnerships. As a fee-only provider, we gain access to these products without the commissions often embedded to pay a broker. Our ability to access a multitude of investment styles and sectors allows us to deliver a diversification strategy that can meet nearly any of your needs.

Through our asset management service, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we are focused on your personal financial goals, while clearing away some of the complex hurdles that often stunt wealth accumulation and protection.

Our Asset Management Service

Working in a fee-only environment allows for an independence to choose the best vehicle available for our clients. Our asset management service builds up from five key areas of focus:

Investing With A Purpose

Our investment committee is comprised of seasoned leaders with a diversity of expertise utilizing individual stocks and bonds, funds, ETFs, alternatives and private placement investments. The purposeful investment selections we make for you are predicated on the best vehicles to effectively meet your wealth needs and provide value to your total wealth portfolio.

As we follow a financial plan designed for you, we customize investments to meet your personal goals for growth and protection.

Risk Mitigation

Using a conservative approach, our asset allocations can be designed to mitigate risks and avoid downturns, while providing the growth necessary to achieve your financial goals.

Market Navigation

The market is ever-changing, responding to economic and geo-political influences. We have systems in place that monitor, forecast, and proactively respond to the market environment in order to maximize your investments.

Cash Flow Management

With the determination of cash requirements built in to your financial plan, we can manage your assets to ensure you have the cash flow to meet all your financial needs.

Private Banking

By utilizing your assets to obtain financing alternatives that are much more competitive than traditional bank lending products, our private banking services can save you money and time.

Our Asset Management Philosophy

The basis of Slaughter Associates’ asset management philosophy is to provide you with a dynamic investment strategy designed to reach your unique financial goals while protecting your assets with the least possible risk.

We believe the practice of actively selecting the best in class among a well-diversified base of investments is essential to achieving your goals. This allows our investments the ability to:

  • Adjust through changing market environments
  • Adapt to your individual requirements for assets
  • Fully diversify across asset classes, sectors and styles
  • Combine multiple investment strategies for a complete diversification strategy
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