What are the key areas to analyze before buying investment property?

Real estate is an attractive investment because it is fundamentally satisfying to own something you can touch, feel and see. This allure, however, often causes investors to overlook the basic investment analysis required to make a sound decision to buy or retain a real property.

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Are your company's retirement plan fees shared equally?

What if you found out that some participants in your company’s 401(k) plan were not paying their fair share of plan expenses? Would that surprise you? Unfortunately, that scenario is all too common, and it is also one that could put your plan at risk.

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Should you name a legal guardian for yourself?

All parents know how critical it is to establish guardianship for their children, should that ever be needed. Adults, however, often overlook the need to name a guardian for themselves and their estates should they ever become incapacitated.

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What role does Social Security play in your retirement planning?

Wealthy retirees may not be as reliant as others on Social Security to sustain their long-term cash flow needs, but the benefits still play a role in every retirement plan.

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Are you looking for investment advice in all the wrong places?

The average investor's return has significantly lagged every major asset class for the last 20 years. Poor market timing and emotional investing are culprits, but what else is contributing to this alarming underperformance?

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What are your top eight important business sale do’s and dont’s?

When planning for the sale of your company, you must apply the same care, diligence and objectivity that helped you build a successful business in the first place. Learn about common mistakes and key recommendations when transferring your life's work to a new owner.

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