We are excited that Richard P. Slaughter Associates has partnered with Worth magazine to provide articles for the bi-monthly publication. Slaughter Associates has long focused on sharing our knowledge and educating our clients, potential clients and partners, so this opportunity was a natural fit for us.

What are the top three retirement-investment risks you should be managing?

Successful wealth management involves a variety of priorities. As your assets accrue, you and your advisor must consider issues such as wealth accumulation, diversification, growth strategies and tax management. The level of priority you assign to each of these issues depends on where you are in your life. However, overall risk management is too often overlooked.

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Are auto features right for your 401(k) plan?

Learn how features such as automatic enrollment, escalation and diversification can improve the 401(k) plan of your company.

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How can my advisor help my children build a sound financial future?

Fiscal and child-development experts say that a person’s financial philosophy is formed at a young age. That said, there still is much parents can do for their children at any age to help them build a secure financial future.

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Are you planning for all your retirement years?

When you envision retirement, you may find it easy to imagine a simplified lifestyle: You are working less, spending more time with family and traveling as you wish.

To achieve such goals, you definitely should plan now. However, it is just as important to recognize that this is not the only phase of your retirement.

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What are the intangibles of selecting an advisor?

All successful relationships share some key traits. Trust and a true partnership are at the top of the list. This is true not only in personal connections, but also in your relationship with your financial advisor.

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What are the key areas to analyze before buying investment property?

Real estate is an attractive investment because it is fundamentally satisfying to own something you can touch, feel and see. This allure, however, often causes investors to overlook the basic investment analysis required to make a sound decision to buy or retain a real property.

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