Effective wealth management puts your money to work for you while navigating the financial complexities that wealthy individuals and families face.

When you come to Richard P. Slaughter Associates, you have reached a financial pinnacle in your life where you are expecting your money to work for you. And that is just what we provide through our wealth management process.

By combining our expertise and the alliances we foster, with independence, planning, customization, collaboration and an expansive selection of investment tools, your wealth management resource is like no other.

We follow a four-part wealth management process to create a customized strategy for you, with proactive financial solutions that adjust to the ever-changing conditions of the market, global economies, and tax and estate laws.

The benefit to you is confidence and clarity in how you will most effectively achieve all your financial goals.

Working Together

Your Dreams Have Our Full Attention

You’ve reached a point that you expect your wealth to work for you, not the other way around. Our goal is to assure your complete wealth portfolio is functioning for you all the time. To accomplish this, we team up with you personally to understand your financial requirements, goals, and dreams, and then we give them our full attention.

At Slaughter Associates, we recognize and embrace the fact that no individual or family is the same, and that is why we begin each relationship by developing a financial plan. Our financial planning experts act as your guide through each step of this key piece of every financial journey. Once the path to your financial goals and dreams is in place, we focus our attention and expertise towards the success of that plan no matter the complexities that arise along the way.

Our clients continually tell us that an aspect they value highly from us is the feeling of having a relationship that is deeper than just the business at hand. We strive with each of our clients to build a relationship of trust and peace of mind.