How can you avoid the pitfalls of multiple financial strategies?

As your wealth grows, effectively managing your assets can become more complex, requiring expertise in a multitude of areas, including investment, insurance, tax and estate services. And while it is beneficial to have independent, trusted professionals, it is crucial that these professionals work as a team, with a shared understanding of the goals of the client.

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As your wealth has grown, has your family adjusted its wealth management requirements?

Whether a particular affluent family is new to wealth or has grown into this status, its members will always be wise to perform meaningful due diligence to determine what wealth management services they need and what professionals are best equipped to help them reach their financial goals.

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What are the nonmonetary considerations of selling your business?

For anyone who has worked hard to build, then sell, a business, considering both the emotional and financial aspects of the event will yield a more successful result.

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What’s the best thing to do when you receive a large inheritance?

As the beneficiary of a large inheritance, it is your responsibility to ensure this familial wealth is maintained. The decisions you make following an inheritance will directly impact how that wealth is preserved for you and future generations. Read on to discover five issues that will help ensure an optimal outcome.

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Should you sell your business when there is a feeding frenzy?

Your business is successful, so you regularly get calls from interested buyers. But lately, you’ve become the center of a business feeding frenzy, with prospective buyers making very attractive offers for your firm.

The problem is that you are still years away from your planned retirement, but at the same time are tempted by those well-above-market proposals. What to do?

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What questions should every business owner ask before the DOL’s “fiduciary” rule goes into effect?

The Department of Labor's (DOL) new fiduciary rule will begin phasing in on April 10, and going into full effect on January 1, 2018 (assuming no delays from the new presidential administration). The DOL's purpose for the new rule is to ensure that people saving for retirement have access to unbiased investment advice. Learn what questions to ask about this rule as a business owner before it goes into effect.

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