Through the Discovery phase, we’ll focus on understanding your current financial picture, your immediate financial requirements and your goals for the future. During this phase we will get to know you, your family and your team of professionals, and find out what’s most important to your current and future financial security. We’re interested in hearing how you view your current position and how you picture the future.

Financial Planning

Very few clients come to us with a singular goal in mind. Through the financial planning phase we will construct multiple financial scenarios including retirement date, lifestyle needs, cash flow and budgets, giving you the freedom to make life choices with knowledge of the financial impact of those decisions. During this phase we will create the following:

  • Strategy to accumulate, invest and deploy current and future financial resources to meet requirements and goals
  • Techniques for wealth efficiency and achieving personal objectives (tax, estate planning, insurance)

Asset Management

Once the financial planning strategy is in place, we focus on the selection, allocation and monitoring of all assets to achieve the goals designed through the planning process.

Through asset management, we will:

  • Ensure all assets are meeting return, income and risk objectives
  • Make ongoing adjustments of investment types to account for market and economic changes as well as client personal wealth needs

On-Going Support

As strategies are implemented, your relationship includes service support from your fiduciary advisor team at Slaughter Associates. Our experts have experience in all realms of financial services and can render advice in a non-conflict-of-interest environment. This support will include:

  • Information and education regarding market, economic and wealth trends and how they impact you
  • Supporting your other service providers like your CPA and Estate Attorney with needed documents and information
  • Providing advice in all financial matters
  • Meet our team

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