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Managing Wealth Through Times of Uncertainty

When addressing your wealth during periods of economic crisis, it’s important to recognize two facets of uncertainty: those aspects based on facts, and those that are emotional responses. Essentially, it’s the head versus the heart, and it’s important to understand that both need to be resolved during such critical times. Here are some signs to watch for and tips for working with your financial planner to keep your long-term goals at the forefront.

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Could You Benefit from a Health Savings Account?

Health Savings Accounts were first introduced in 2003 and have quickly grown in popularity as a savings vehicle for future health costs. However, the advantages of an HAS extend beyond paying for medical costs and beg the question, ‘are you taking full advantage of the benefits an HSA has to offer?

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Does the New SECURE Act Affect Your Retirement Strategies?

Last December, the SECURE Act was passed with the objective of increasing access and participation in employer-sponsored retirement plans and expanding retirement savings opportunities. The Act also installed new requirements for distributions from retirement accounts. These changes will have an impact on many retirement strategies for those approaching and just entering the retirement stage of their lives.

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