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Tips for Managing a Concentrated Stock Position

There are many reasons a person may find themselves in possession of a large holding of a single stock. Whatever the reason, having a single stock that represents a significant amount of your net worth can create risk in your financial plan. However, there are options available to manage that risk and improve your diversification.

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Estate Planning Isn’t Just About the Future

People often think about estate planning as a financial tool triggered by a person’s passing. However, some of its benefits bear fruit while you are still living. From care-planning documents to organizational tools and even tax exemption assistance, there are many reasons to start estate planning today.

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How To Supercharge Your Charitable Giving

Giving back is a common and noble gesture that is fairly well engrained throughout much of our society. However, as many people go through their careers — particularly wealthy people — the habits for giving often never change. Writing checks or charging credit cards are always appreciated by the beneficiaries, but there are more efficient ways to support your favorite causes that will better benefit both you and the charity.

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Gone Phishing: Cyber Criminals View Crisis as Opportunity

The more technology and digital innovation expands, the more cyber criminals will look for ways to exploit those who use it for their own personal gains. Add in a crisis – such as a global pandemic – and the operating grounds for such thieves becomes even more fertile. Some of the most common scams are called “phishing” schemes. By staying informed on such scams operate you can make yourself less of a target and better protect your personal identity and assets.

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Creating Benchmarks to Better Monitor Investment Success

Market volatility in 2020 has seen unprecedented peaks, valleys, and even recovery. This has left many investors scratching their heads as they try to evaluate the effectiveness of their overall strategy and individual investment choices. The good news is, there are many tried-and-true investment benchmarking strategies and principles that can be applied to provide reliable guidance. With that in mind, we offer our thoughts on effective ways to make such analyses in both the short- and long-term.

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Starting a Financial Conversation with Parents During a Crisis

Whether the circumstances are driven by a global pandemic, some other emergency, or just the natural course of life, adult children are often faced with the question, “how do I start a conversation with my parents who act as if nothing has changed?” Or, conversely, how do you help parents who are terrified of current economic conditions? Darby Armont addresses both perspectives in our latest issue of On Course.

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