Operational Update and Market Reaction Perspective

For more than 25 years, Richard P. Slaughter Associates has operated by a core value of providing excellent service in a gracious environment and always acting in the best interest of our clients and employees. These values guide us during both good and challenging times. As the latest challenges evolve, we want you to know that Slaughter Associates is prepared for what may come to ensure you are always served with the highest level of expertise and kindness.

We have taken steps to make sure our employees have a safe work environment, as recommended by the CDC, by implementing best practices to help minimize health risks. We are currently holding normal business hours in the office, but if the time comes that we need to serve you remotely, we have very effective processes in place to take care of you in a seamless and safe fashion.

All Slaughter Associates employees have the capability to work from home in a data-safe environment that enables:

  • Secure access to your information to continue to provide proactive wealth management advice
  • Secure access to all investment data ensures no disruption in trading operations
  • Your phone calls will be received by staff, as you have come to expect, and you will be transferred or called back in a timely fashion
  • Your Advisor will continue to be available to meet with you by phone or video conference

Also, in continued efforts to keep you well informed, we will be sending regular communications about this market and economic volatility until conditions stabilize. These updates will be sent via email and housed on a special page on our website alongside other resources you may find useful in navigating life during this unprecedented time.

On behalf of everyone at Richard P. Slaughter Associates, thank you for being a valued client.

As the markets react to the unknown depth of economic damage that this current crisis is creating, looking at this single event in perspective can add some clarity to what may be in our future.

Over the past 30-years, we have seen many market swings, including bear markets. What is common among all of the market periods illustrated below is that the rebound can be very dramatic. Because of these histories, we encourage all our clients to stay invested according to your plan, and avoid reacting in ways that could derail long-term goals.

Keep things in perspective S&P 500 biggest declines

Also, as this next chart illustrates (showing a hypothetical $100,000) staying invested and participating in the markets best days can make a significant positive impact on your long-term investment performance. Making prudent allocation adjustments, which we have been executing on your behalf, can be part of the overall strategy. But sticking to your original plan that was created with your advisor is the best way to meet your long-term goals.

Stay the Course for long-term investing