As the world gets used to its new economic climate, some factors will still be worth watching

So far this week, most of the major financial headlines have declared things that were either not particularly revealing (the pronouncement that we’re in a recession) or simply look fairly typical of market reactions to any number of variables (stocks rebounding day after notable fall). Such a lull is to be expected as the world comes to grips with its new environment.

Similarly, we too will become a little quieter and pull back on the amount of information we push into your email inboxes. Instead of sending scheduled weekly emails detailing the key events of the week, we will be sending communication only when the circumstances prove worthy of notifying you. Certainly, there are still important maneuvers taking place across the financial landscape, and these are some of the areas we’ll be watching closely:

  • Changes in our domestic and global economic outlook
  • Data reports on the market and the economy
  • The continued progress of COVID-19 related treatments

As always, we are thankful for the service and support of all of our clients and partners. And, should you have any questions, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with clarity and understanding with any of your financial concerns.