This page has been created to keep you informed on the rapidly changing environment caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that is impacting virtually every facet of our lives. To the left is a collection of websites that provide factual information about the Coronavirus pandemic, impacts on the business world, and other helpful links for managing your personal health and wellbeing.

Additionally, Slaughter Associates is sending regular communications to our clients informing you on: investment strategy adjustments, operational changes, market and economy impacts, and more. An archive of these emails will be kept and updated for your convenience below.

April 7, 2020 Update: Q1-Q2 Data Impact / CARES Act Webinar
April 3, 2020 Expect an increase in online and email scams
March 31, 2020 COVID-19’s impact on your plan
March 27, 2020 Webinar: COVID-19 Special Presentation – Market and Economic Update
March 24, 2020 Update: Positioning Your Portfolio to Maximize Investments During Volatility
March 20, 2020 Economic Update: Government Response and Other Resources
March 17, 2020 Operational Update and Market Reaction Perspective
March 12, 2020 Trading Activity Update: Recent Adjustments in Stocks and Real Estate
March 9, 2020 Trading Activity Update: Re-Balancing Portfolios
February 27, 2020 Investment Update: Coronavirus Market Impact